A native development and debugging solution for Visual Studio

Android++ is a freely distributed tool to simplify the creation of Android applications from within Visual Studio. It is designed primarily to support native development and debugging within a industry-standard IDE.


Android L (Lollipop) and Visual Studio Community 2013 support.

👤 🕔 December 20, 2014 Comments Off on Android L (Lollipop) and Visual Studio Community 2013 support.

Version 0.4.0 is the second major release of Android++ and comes with a large number of new features which have been developed over the last few months. It adds support for debugging native applications on Android L devices, and also includes integrations for ProGuard, Multi-dex files and 64-bit architecture toolchains.

Probably the biggest news, however, is that Android++ is now fully compatible with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Community 2013. Much like previous ‘Express’ releases of Visual Studio products, ‘Community 2013’ is completely free for most developers – but addresses certain restrictions in Express Editions that prevented support from third-party extensions. As a result, you can now use the free Android++ extension with a free version of Visual Studio!

Download 0.4.0 now, or read the full change-list (as follows):

New functionality:

– Added support for Android L Preview and Android Lollipop.
– Added a custom-built version of ‘zipalign’ to support APK archives above 2GB.
– Added a custom-built version of ‘ndk-depends’ to manually supply up-to-date listings of internal device libraries.
– (MSBuild) Added support for NDK r10c and 64-bit targets. Currently only ‘arm64-v8a’ supported.
– (MSBuild) Added support for armeabi-v7a-hard (hard-float).
– (MSBuild) Added support for whole program optimisations via ProGuard integration.
– (MSBuild) Added support for automated exporting of multi-dex compatible Dalvik executables. (https://developer.android.com/tools/building/multidex.html)
– (MSBuild) Added toolchain configurations for GCC 4.9, Clang 3.4, and Clang 3.5.


– (MSBuild) Improved identification of exported scripts; version descriptors are now copied alongside each platform.
– (MSBuild) Fixed an issue causing Java compilation to occur only on BuildConfig.java and R.java files, despite lack of project .java sources.

Upgrade notes:

– An r10 derivative release of the Android NDK is required in order to target 64-bit architectures.
– (MSBuild) ProGuard configuration scripts (named ‘proguard.txt’ or ‘proguard-project.txt’) can now be placed alongside an AndroidManifest.xml