A native development and debugging solution for Visual Studio

Android++ is a freely distributed tool to simplify the creation of Android applications from within Visual Studio. It is designed primarily to support native development and debugging within a industry-standard IDE.


Clarification & Proposed Testing Roll-out

👤 🕔 January 29, 2014 Comments Off on Clarification & Proposed Testing Roll-out

Firstly, can I start by thanking all of you who have showed such an interest in Android++ over the last few days. I’ve been amazed at the sheer quantity of people sharing this website, and contacting me with the hope of joining the beta test. I will talk a little more in response to those requests below, but I’d initially like to clear up some confusion as to what exactly Android++ is/does:

Android++ is a freely distributed extension (and collection of MSBuild scripts/build-rules) which augment Visual Studio to support NDK-based “native” development. If you are unfamiliar or confused as to what I mean by ‘native’, it essentially means projects that are targeting applications with predominantly C or C++ sources. In short, it’s intended to support applications where performance is paramount – like a Game or Simulation. It also manages the debugging of those native applications via GDB, which is controllable within the Visual Studio IDE as if you were debugging a Windows application. There is no support for C# or .NET, if you are interested in those please look toward Xamarin or Mono.

With respect to Beta testing, I am still accepting applications, but please note that I will prioritise anyone who has existing Android experience. I’m looking for people who already understand enough about Android and/or Visual Studio that they won’t need a great deal of support. I have already created a few samples to demonstrate integration, but the process of writing documentation can be lengthy. Rollout to registered testers will occur in a staggered fashion over the next few weeks. I’ll be attempting to manage this such that a portion of “new” users are always included per iteration. When registering, please consider taking the time to provide a little extra information about your Android experience and/or projects you hope to use Android++ on – it will help me make a better assessment of where you’d fit in the testing process.

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