A native development and debugging solution for Visual Studio

Android++ is a freely distributed tool to simplify the creation of Android applications from within Visual Studio. It is designed primarily to support native development and debugging within a industry-standard IDE.


📱 Zero Hardware Restrictions

Unlike some alternatives, you can debug on the majority of devices – there are no hardware or vendor restrictions, and no license checks to get in the way.


Customisable compiler options offering you the choice between LLVM/Clang or GCC-based source compilation. Including multi-process (parallel) compilation and Pre-Compiled Header (PCH) support.

MSBuild Flexibility

Custom-built scripts to support C/C++, Java, and resource generation. Dependency tracking and minimal rebuilds on every stage of deployment. You won’t even need ANT.

Integrated GDB Debugging

Support for device and emulator source-level debugging using the IDE you’re used to. Automatically deploy and run your applications, or attach to an existing running process.